About Pulpit Network

What is Pulpit Network?

Pulpit Network is a social networking site.   It is a place to share sermons, encourage, pray, chat, and connect with preachers across the globe.  Many preachers serve in isolation and need a place to connect with other professionals and colleagues on an ongoing basis.  Social sites are growing and it is the purpose of this site to leverage this technology to serve, cultivate sound doctrine and ministry practices, and encourage ministers.

Who operates Pulpit Network?

Pulpit Network was created by Robert A. Randolph.  He lives in Odessa, FL with his wife and daughter. He is a graduate of Amridge University's Turner School of Theology. He has also served the Lord's church as a pulpit minister, youth director and Bible school teacher. He and his family currently attend the North Tampa Church of Christ in Lutz, FL.

Who can be a member of Pulpit Network?

The site is designed to provide a place for ministers of the churches of Christ to connect, encourage and share. Therefore, it is intended for members of the churches of Christ. At the same time, we will allow anyone who will abide by the site's rules to join and participate. Currently, the site's membership also includes Baptists, Catholics and other denominations.   Click here to join today!

"If I have a question, how do I contact the Pulpit Network Administrator?"
You may contact Pulpit Network on the Contact Us page or by E-mail at robert.a.randolph@gmail.com.

Why should I join Pulpit Network?

There are many reasons to join Pulpit Network. Pulpit Network provides a unique forum and support system for ministers. The site gives you the opportunity to connect with old classmates and friends. You can connect with new preachers across the globe. Remember, site members have more resources available to them by signing up for an account. Here is a listing of resources and tools Pulpit Network has:  
eBook Exchange
Groups (Members Only)
Blogs (Members Only)
Event Posting (Members Only)
Church Education Resources (Members Only)
Jobs Board